Battle Racers
ANNOUNCEMENT: Battle Racers has ceased operations as of February 16th, 2022. However, Car Part NFT ownership will be retained. See Contracts for smart contract information.
Announcing the closure of Battle Racers

What is $SCRAP?

$SCRAP is an ERC-20 token on the Polygon Chain which serves as Battle Racers’ progression currency. Its primary purpose is to allow players to upgrade car parts, in which all stats of a certain part will be increased by a percentage until it reaches a maximum level. It can be obtained by salvaging your car parts and as a reward from competitive racing. These features are still in development and we will make an announcement when they are rolled out.
$SCRAP is not yet listed on any exchanges but it's currently being awarded as prizes in tournaments and other official events. We will not be selling $SCRAP, so its value will be largely determined by the community. Token owners have the option to sell theirs in NFT marketplaces that support ERC-20. You will also be able to trade the $SCRAP token within the Polygon Chain through MetaMask. Corresponding gas fees will apply.
You will be able to view your $SCRAP count on the Battle Racers Inventory page by logging in to your Ethereum address using MetaMask or Venly. You can also view your balance on MetaMask by setting up a Custom RPC for Polygon and simply adding the token via its contract address (see Contracts).
Sneak Peek: $SCRAP
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