Battle Racers
ANNOUNCEMENT: Battle Racers has ceased operations as of February 16th, 2022. However, Car Part NFT ownership will be retained. See Contracts for smart contract information.
Here is the development timeline for Battle Racers. For detailed development updates, visit the Battle Racers blog on Medium.


  • Initial Game Prototype
  • Announcement of Partnership with Decentraland


  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Completed
  • Website and Discord Launch
  • Team and Advisory Board Introductions
  • Smart Contract Development for Parts and Crates
  • Item Pre-sale: Prime Edition
  • Closed Multiplayer Beta
  • Cross-Game Promotions
  • Loom Network to Ethereum Network Bridge
  • Parts Trading on Ethereum via OpenSea
  • Standalone Web Version
  • Early Access Item Sale: Season 1
  • Migration from Loom Network to Polygon


  • Decentraland Public Launch
  • Web Support for Venly Wallet
  • Web Garage Prototype
  • Web / Decentraland Updates
  • Polygon to Ethereum Network Bridge
  • Smart Contract Development for SCRAP
  • Competitive Races Prototype
  • Mobile Version Prototype
  • Tournaments


  • Founded Playcheck Games
  • Initial SCRAP Airdrop
  • Parts Trading on Polygon via OpenSea and Venly Market
  • Web / Decentraland Updates
  • Web Support for Metaverse Chat
  • Web Inventory Improvements
  • Web Garage Development
  • Mobile Alpha Development
  • Smart Contract Redeployment for SCRAP
  • API Development for SCRAP
  • API Development for Parts Upgrading
  • Special Edition NFT Drops
  • Tournaments


  • Project Shutdown
  • Smart Contract Redeployment for Parts (Decentralized Metadata)
Announcing the closure of Battle Racers
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